Words from Dr. Tapia about Vaccines

“If there is a true medical reason for an exemption, then that needs to be documented. There has to be proof behind that. You cannot just give an exemption when the child doesn’t really have a medical exemption.

You have to look at every child individually. The most important thing is make sure that the child is healthy.

One way to prevent diseases like measles [is to get vaccinated].

We have had an outbreak, in the past months, in the United States, of 1400 cases of measles. Measles, people think it’s a mild illness and it’s really not because it has a lot of complications.

I have seen children hospitalized, many years ago, with measles and meningitis.

These are preventable illnesses that vaccines prevent.

So, it’s really important to get those vaccines to prevent these diseases, sometimes, life threatening diseases.”  – Dr. Tapia

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