Jimmie’s Story

Jimmie found himself in Sacramento, a new and foreign city to him and not knowing what to do. In 2017 he was a regular at Loaves and Fishes area where he met Abram Nunn, PA for Mobile Medicine.

Abram Nunn submitted a Pathways referral to Sacramento Covered in efforts to overcome Jimmie’s homeless chronic status. Jimmie resides at the VOA Railroad Shelter. He met two Community Health Workers (CHW) from Elica, Matt and Tiffany who began to engage him on a daily basis. He had been hesitant to receive medical services. After 8 hours of convincing, Tiffany finally got him to see Abram Nunn at the VOA Shelter as he had a serious infection on his foot.

Abram Nunn, was able to get Jimmy quickly admitted to Mercy General. Despite Mercy General not having a Podiatrist on staff, Abram was able to call and get the Podiatrist from Mercy San Juan, Dr. Haynam to come down to Mercy General to take a look at Jimmie’s foot. Jimmie had surgery next day after his admission.

Tiffany and Matt did a hospital visit to see how he was doing and to let him know that he matters to not only to them, but to Elica as well. Jimmie was so overcome with joy that they cared enough to come see him at the hospital that his emotions over took him and tears ran down his face.

Jimmie made it very clear that he did not want to go back to the shelter, he wants to get back on his feet and get back to work. Jimmie stated that he was willing to be admitted to a SNF because the CHWs Matt and Tiffany showed him that he matters and his health is their priority.

CHW Matt work closely with Mercy San Juan Case managers and Jimmie was placed at Arden Post-Acute Rehab who has assisted in his healing process.

Matt spoke with Jimmie and let him know how crucial it was that he stay in the facility until he is cleared to leave, to ensure that he was fully healed. Jimmie was reluctant, afraid and unsure, but told Matt, “I trust you, and know you’re looking after my well being, so if you’re asking me to stay, I will see the treatment through.”

Thankfully he stayed, his foot has healed and he has gotten his housing voucher.

With kindness, coordination of high level of care, persistence and healing with heart, Jimmie is healthy, happier and best of all, off the streets of Sacramento.

“The patient had been avoiding me because he knew he had a serious infection and was scared about the potential outcome of the visit. However, he let me know that the Elica MA staff on site at the VOA were pleasantly persistent about him being seen. He finally gave in and allowed Tiffany to schedule him. I’m very glad he did, as he had a very serious infection. Had Tiffany not persuaded him to be seen he could very well have died.” – Abram Nunn, PA

(Left) Matt, Community Health Worker at Elica and Jimmie (right)

“Elica has gone above and beyond in the care they give. Not only to us as people but our animals as well. Thank you to Abram, Matt and Tiffany for going above and beyond in not only getting me medical services, but for working with Anna from VOA to ensure my dog and best friend Congo had a place to stay while I healed. I am forever grateful.” – Jimmie Puryear, Pathways Enrollee

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