Interview with CapRadio about COVID-19 Testing and Mobile Medicine

CapRadio interviews Elica Health Centers

CapRadio News is an essential local news source reporting on Sacramento and its surrounding areas. During the month of May, Elica Health Centers made the commitment to ramp up efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus among homeless and migrant worker populations by providing free COVID-19 testing with our mobile medicine operations. On Thursday, June 4th, CapRadio News’s Beth Ruyak spoke over the phone with Elica’s Outreach team about those initiatives. 

By collaborating with Sacramento County homeless shelters and the Mexican Consulate, Elica’s Mobile Medicine team was able to do COVID-19 testing for the homeless population and migrant workers in French Camp. Director of Community Outreach Services, Aide Long, and Outreach Specialist, Lynn Ly, gave some surprisingly good news regarding testing procedures, test results, and confidentiality.

Many of those debating whether or not to get tested, ask themselves about the discomfort of the testing procedure. Long stated that although the test can be somewhat uncomfortable, it isn’t painful and that people are pleased to discover it’s not as bad as they had imagined. Ly went on to reveal the results of 329 tests done among homeless individuals, migrants, and farm workers, that all turned out negative; “a glimmer of light in all of this” Ruyak added. Additionally, patient information is confidential and migratory and participation does not affect housing or migratory status in any way.

Ruyak shifted focus to inquire about the other services that Elica provides. Long noted that primary care services, counseling, and emergency dental services continue to be available in the clinics and mobile units. Then, Ruyak inquired about foreign language services for non-English speaking patients and test takers.  Ly spoke about the many bilingual staff members and ensured that services are provided in several languages to better serve the diverse communities of Sacramento and Yolo county.

We’d like to thank CapRadio for covering this story.
Click here to listen to the clip.

HOW1, one of Elica Health Centers’ mobile clinics, continues to provide free COVID-19 testing and basic medical care during the pandemic. During the entire month of June, you can find HOW1 outside the Consulate General of Mexico from 8:00am to 4:30pm providing free medical services and COVID-19 testing for adults. The Consulate is located 2093 Arena Blvd in Sacramento. Spanish language assistance is available and health insurance is not required. For more information and updates in Spanish, check out our Facebook page.

Free COVID-19 testing at the Consulate General of Mexico in Sacramento

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