International Kids Festival 2019

Stationed near the duck pond and close enough to hear the performances near the William A. Carroll amphitheater, Elica was at the International Kids’ Fest on May 25th to educate the community about our clinics and services.


Kids are definitely one of our important patient populations and we have great pediatric providers who tend to the needs of our smaller and younger patients.

We were also promoting our dental services by giving away dental kits. Did you know that if you have Medi-Cal, you can qualify for Denti-Cal, which means you will be covered at Elica’s dental clinics! We provide a wide range of dental services from cleanings to root canals to dentures.

Did you also know that kids younger than the age of 1 can be seen by the dentist? It’s perfectly fine to have the dentist check your child’s teeth to make sure there is no decay occurring and that there are no cavities. A child can get cavities as soon as a tooth is in the mouth.

Our Dental Director, Dr. Tecson said, “Children should start brushing their teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts. Children should brush their teeth morning and night, with a fluoride toothpaste, the size of a grain of rice. Children should also floss between their teeth where any of the teeth are touching.”

We had a prize wheel where kids spun to win a prize. We gave out a variety of items: coloring books with crayons, drawstring backpacks, cups, stress balls, and hand sanitizers.

The International Kids’ Fest was a success and we hope to be there again next year! Thank you to Russian American Media for hosting and having us.

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