Words from Dr. Mani about Vaccine Protection

Vaccine protection is more important than we realize. We’ve asked one of our physicians, Dr. Mani, if she could tell us a bit about her views on getting vaccinated.

“I really feel strongly that now with social media that is increasing concern about fake vaccine exemptions that [are] putting all children at risk.

We have seen this, especially now, recently, we have had this measles outbreak, which children can die because of measles, and it is unbelievable [because] we have good vaccines which give a lot of protection for the children.

Even one injection, it can give protection up to 95%. See information about vaccines from CDC.

And when parents refuse to get the children vaccinated because of fears, social media news, fake news, and concerns.

We are here to address that if they are very concerned.

Definitely, we are here available to answer their questions and fears to reassure them about vaccine protection and to prevent false, fraudulent vaccine exemptions which are sold by certain physicians, medical professionals, and other practices. “– Dr. Mani

Child receiving a vaccination
This child is protecting her health by getting vaccinated.


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