Dr. Nancy Warden’s Views on Vaccines

Nancy Warden
The doctor giving a high five to her patient.

Dr. Nancy Warden took a few moments with us to share her views on vaccines.

“I personally believe and professionally believe all children should be immunized. Not only to protect themselves but protect those vulnerable kids in our community that have Cancer who have other immune compromising illnesses.

So without everyone being immunized, these children are more at risk.

Also, just simple diseases like measles is the most contagious disease and it has one of the highest mortality rates.

So of course, I support immunization.

I’m old enough that I have seen big epidemics of measles resulting in many, many deaths.

I’ve seen epidemics of diseases we no longer see like Haemophilus influenza-b, meningitis, epiglottitis, where kids died and we’re fortunate that we don’t see that as much anymore.

But, the only reason we don’t is because we immunize our children.

Now, will I ever refuse to see a patient that doesn’t immunize?


Because my hope is that by developing a relationship with that family. I can educate them and they’ll trust me. So that their children will eventually be immunized.

I don’t like to seeing the patients forced to do it against their beliefs. I do think it’s necessary but I always feel it’s important for pediatricians to work with families, educate them, build trust so that we can have families change their minds and start believing in immunizations. Not only for their children but for other children of society.” – Dr. Nancy Warden


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